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Vmware Iso Error Log


Where else can I look for information about what's going wrong? It worked! my packer build just build VM image from ISO file dave2 commented Feb 16, 2016 Does it not error out if you provide a format? remote_username (string) - The username for the SSH user that will access the remote machine. this contact form

By default, this is empty, which means VMware tools won't be uploaded. This only takes effect if tools_upload_flavor is non-empty. By default this is "/Applications/VMware Fusion.app" but this setting allows you to customize this. http_directory (string) - Path to a directory to serve using an HTTP server. https://vagrantcloud.com/help/packer/builds/troubleshooting

Packer Logging

iso_url (string) - A URL to the ISO containing the installation image. Dougems commented Feb 11, 2015 I shutdown VM and enabled "Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS". I've relinked them here as well. remote_host - The host of the remote machine.

It currently supports building virtual machines on hosts running VMware Fusion for OS X, VMware Workstation for Linux and Windows, and VMware Player on Linux. Wildcard characters (*, ?, and []) are allowed. You signed out in another tab or window. Error Starting Vm: Vmware Error: Error: The Operation Was Canceled This can be caused by bad permissions, using symlinks or very large repository sizes.

Atlas Intro About Getting Started Feature List Use Cases Continuous Deployment Collaborating on Terraform Changes Managing Multiple Environments (Stage, QA, Prod) Development Environments Automating Packer Builds Infrastructure Monitoring Atlas vs. By specifying a more specific OS type, VMware may perform some optimizations or virtual hardware changes to better support the operating system running in the virtual machine. Once enabled, you'll be able to see in further detail why things failed or what operations Packer was performing. https://kb.vmware.com/kb/1003908 You signed in with another tab or window.

I tried to collect additional information by setting PACKER_LOG and PACKER_LOG_PATH, but this didn't appear to change anything in terms of logging. Packer.io Github version (string) - The vmx hardware version for the new virtual machine. Just trying to work out if the PR I linked above is the bug you are tripping over. This seems to indicate that, whatever the error message, the actual problem is that Packer expects a local folder even though it always writes the output to the datastore, not locally.

Vmware Error While Powering On The Operation Was Canceled By The User

headless (boolean) - Packer defaults to building VMware virtual machines by launching a GUI that shows the console of the machine being built. http://www.shogan.co.uk/vmware/troubleshooting-vmware-update-manager-errors/ Verbose logging will be much louder than normal Packer logs and isn't recommended for day-to-day operations. Packer Logging Please only modify the template if you know what you're doing. Packer Build Verbose Currently, no support exists for creating sub-directories on the floppy.

If this isn't specified, the default is 10 seconds. weblink If this is not specified, it is assumed the installer will start itself. Once your builds are running smoothly locally you can push it up to Atlas for versioning and automated builds. If this is not specified then the VM will only contain a primary hard disk. Packer Debug Ssh

remote_cache_datastore - The path to the datastore where supporting files will be stored during the build on the remote machine. Version - The Hardware version VMWare will execute this vm under. Press any key to continue. ==> vmware-iso: Creating virtual machine disk ==> vmware-iso: Pausing after run of step 'stepCreateDisk'. navigate here floppy_dirs (array of strings) - A list of directories to place onto the floppy disk recursively.

tools_upload_path (string) - The path in the VM to upload the VMware tools. Packer Waiting For Ssh To Become Available remote_cache_directory - The path where the ISO and/or floppy files will be stored during the build on the remote machine. Because Packer generally runs in parallel, Packer uses a randomly chosen port in this range that appears available.

Examples are "5s" and "1m30s" which will cause Packer to wait five seconds and one minute 30 seconds, respectively.

output_directory (string) - This is the path to the directory where the resulting virtual machine will be created. As documented above, the boot_command is an array of strings. Dougems commented Feb 12, 2015 Finally found the vmware log. Packer Template Variables Thanks!

Modifying the VMX template can easily cause your virtual machine to not boot properly. It doesn't have anything to do with the errors the original author describe? Help Homepage Terms Privacy Security Edit this page © 2016 HashiCorp, Inc. his comment is here By default, this is not set.

mitchellh closed this Apr 26, 2014 tssgery commented May 13, 2014 I just started playing with packer, using the vmware-iso builder, and ran into this. If you're having an issue specific to Packer, the best avenue for support is the mailing list or IRC. Using a Floppy for Linux kickstart file or preseed Depending on your network configuration, it may be difficult to use packer's built-in HTTP server with ESXi. floppy_files (array of strings) - A list of files to place onto a floppy disk that is attached when the VM is booted.

format (string) - Either "ovf", "ova" or "vmx", this specifies the output format of the exported virtual machine. This contains all the virtual hardware metadata necessary for the VM to function. When using modifier keys ctrl, alt, shift ensure that you release them, otherwise they will be held down until the machine reboots.