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Vmware Error Reading Customization Specification

As you can see the first thing it does its sysprepping the system then reboots and set the guest as specified in the customization specification wizard. I think 99% of the time you will want to use this option, so you can find a server much easier and not keep a log of your VMs in some Notice Update 08/feb/2016 - If you are running vCenter 6.x you will have to manually create the VMware VirtualCenter\Sysprep directories in the %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\VMware\ folder or you will get the bellow message Not Applicable Not Applicable Windows 8

System Preparation tools are built into the Windows 8 operating system and do not have to be downloaded. this contact form

It is not going to work if you type the username in the form domain\username; tried it for many times, and every time it failed. Recommended Read! I have tried using a similar spec to my Windows 7 VMs for use with Horizon View with no luck. On the Ready to complete page just click Finish to create the customization specification. https://kb.vmware.com/kb/1008192

If you want your VMs to be sysprepped (recommended) all you have to do is check this box. VM and Templates - Role added to Chosen Target Folder, Gold Image Folder, and the "VMWareViewComposerReplicaFolder" Hosts and Clusters - Role added to Host | Cluster Datastores - Role added to Brian share|improve this answer answered Sep 11 '12 at 14:41 Brian 112 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google

A few more stuff need to be done before launching this wizard, stuff that I'll cover later in the article. When logged on with the administrator no problem, when logged on whit userx the error pops up Created a new account userY and it works for this user. The VMs are created, but the customization fails, with no errors stated. This way a set of scripts are injected into those VMs that are in a cloning process that makes all the things I mentioned earlier.

The VMware tech support person said this issue was supposed to be fixed in ESX 5.0, but has been pushed back until ESX 6.0, at least. Not Applicable Not Applicable Windows Server 2012

System Preparation tools are built into the Windows Server 2012 operating system and do not have to be downloaded. An you should see your newly created customization specification in the Customization Specification Manager page. I googled the error and stumbled upon this VMware KB but this did not solve my problem….

You don't have to run the Sysprep utility manually, instead you need to put in the right folder (as said in the article) if you have Windows XP. Important!As a tip, create the template so the user will not autologon. Windows Version Sysprep Directory Sysprep Version Windows 2000 Server SP4 with Update Rollup 1 The updated Deployment Tools are available in the Support\Tools\Deploy.cab file on the Windows 2000 SP4 CD-ROM directory_path\2k Customzing a VM after it has been created allows me to script through a set of IPs and quickly fire up batches of new VMs without much effort.

Oz Edri 09/11/2015 at 19:28 (UTC 2) Link to this comment Reply Thank you for your comment. This Site Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0Share0 You might also like:Register virtual machines in vCenter inventoryAdd users in VMware vCenterConfigure Active Directory integration for VMware vSphere and ESXiExtending a VMware Virtual Machine disk (VMDK) in ESXiInstalling VMware Sal Reply Provisioning Clones using Modified Customization Specifications and Specific Port Groups - Wahl Network April 6, 2015 at 9:31 AM | Permalink […] to act as an orchestration engine for I also know that most of you are using PowerCLI to automate the deployments to make time for some reading; but there are things that need to be done in the

At the end you should have your OS deployed, renamed and joined to the domain.         Using the VMware guest customization specification is a great a simple way weblink I know a community member named "brian" (http://serverfault.com/users/25904/brian) has worked with this scenario before, but I couldn't figure out how to contact him directly, so Brian if you see this message maybe not… specifically with View 4.0.1 Related Products: VMWare View 4.0.1 VMWare vCenter 4.0 U1 Problem Statement: When creating a View Desktop Pool, no folder path, or datastores are presented and On the first page of the wizard you need to give the customization specification a name and optionally a description.

Upcoming Events - Say Hello! The account that you put here needs to have proper permissions (create objects) in Active Directory. Not the answer you're looking for? navigate here The Set-OSCustomizationSpec cmdlet allows you to define properties Configuring Network Settings in a Customization Specification Now that you've seen how to manipulate the configuration of a customization specification, you also need

Reference Windows SID needs to be changed after copying a virtual machine directory (1000528) http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1000528 vSphere PowerCLI Reference | New-OSCustomizationSpec https://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-60/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.powercli.cmdletref.doc%2FNew-OSCustomizationSpec.html Sysprep (System Preparation) Overview https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh825209.aspx Adrian Costea 09/11/2015 at 21:15 More info can be found at VMware KB 1012314. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


If you need to run some commands on the first log on, put them here and when your done click Next. AC57846 says 10 April, 2008 at 00:59 I had the same issue after I replaced the default SSL certificates with new ones generated by my CA. The sysprep files need to be copied in a VMware folder on the vCenter server. Is there an English idiom for provocative titles, something like "yellow title"?

How many times you wanted your VMs to have the same name as the guest OS, or vice-versa? vCenter - This would be the name of your vCenter server, Add the role to this node, do NOT propagate. It also has a description of "Do not use this in the GUI - only for PowerCLI assisted scripting" to help remind people never to use this specification by hand because his comment is here This will allow you to change the gateway, IP address, WINS, mask, and so on for a customization specification.

To answer your question, no, never had any problems with customizations on Windows 10, but I'm not using Horizon. You can set this here by selecting the Use the virtual machine name radio button. This is another helpful page. One of the requirements when setting up View Composer is that it needs an account that has be part of the administrator group of the Windows OS on the vCenter server.

We have 2 accounts (administrator and userx who are member of the local administrators group and have admin rights in VC. I haven't yet tried creating a new spec. I'm a little confused. Not a big deal since we don't grant access to "BuiltIn\Administrators" rights to vCenter itself.

In the case where you get an error like "Error reading customization specification when deploying from a template", you may have this permission issue in VMware: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1008192 Bernard - September 17, Is different from Windows Vista/7/8 where you need to provide the FQDN of the domain. Manipulating Customization Specifications from PowerCLI To start, I recommend creating a special customization specification that will be used only with PowerCLI to avoid polluting any of your day-to-day specifications that you