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Vr V8 Error Codes


Make sure the door is unlocked (ie the lock rod is pulled up). To solve the problem, first locate the plug in the boot that connects the tail lights to the rest of the vehicle wiring, second, locate the black earth wire (usually melted). From: William VR Commodore Rough Idle VR Commodore rough idling when warm, stalls now and then, flat spot when stabbing the accelerator, no computer diagnosis reading...... System too rich (Low Air/Fuel ratio). check over here

Strip the wire back and solder the two together, then tape. Check operation of the lock knob. 15. check your engine mounts. Remove radio. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vr-vs-holden-commodore-1993-1997/179178-vs-v8-complete-comprehensive-dtc-error-codes-list.html

Vs Commodore Fault Codes List

Fault Code Table Code # Circuit and Status 12* No RPM Signal (OK Stationary Engine) 13 No Oxygen Sensor Signal 14 ECT Sensor Voltage Low -auto trans code 15 ECT Sensor I don't have manual mirrors, so I don't know how this part would differ on cars with manual mirrors. 13. If in doubt, take it to somebody who knows these cars. It's some sort of disclaimer for idiots who burn down their car or run themselves over. 1.

Switch is located above the accelerator pedal, activated on full throttle. i then turned the car off and tried the codes again. The proper way to fix this is to remove and machine the manifold, but a temporary fix is to remove the 2 centre manifold bolts on the right side of the Holden Fault Codes Ve Step 7.Checking all cables/hoses clear raise(hydraulic jack) and rebolt the x-mmbr in place, these are locking nuts and should be thrown away and replaced with new bolts and nuts(see * in

i drove it around today and its driving perfect so not sure whats going on there....will be taking tank out next week and replacing fuel pump and filters 3rd December 2010 Mighty Car Mods 5,533,488 views 16:28 CUSTOM VR COMMODORE SHOW PROJECT. Fault Code Extraction To enter Diagnostic Mode: Join Terminal 5 and Terminal 6 on the Diagnostic Connector.

Insert the syringe needle into each drilled hole, and push the plunger like hell, because the glue is pretty thick.

They not only provide greater horse power but also increase your fuel effeciency. (N/B: With the black motor in the VK the secondary throttle sensor must be disconected and the computer Vt Commodore Fault Codes List From: Stu VN - VS Stops When Hot, Will Start Once Cooled Main charge wire from alternator burns out at the back of the alternator due to heat down in the Diagnose Your Car Australia 46,123 views 2:48 Performance Chip Install In VS Commodore - Duration: 4:17. Using a screwdriver, and being careful not to damage the door trim, prise up one end of the plastic strip along the top edge of the door trim.

Vr V6 Fault Codes

Hope this helps someone else. Homepage and check engine pressure with a gauge when starting. Vs Commodore Fault Codes List But if you a blowing 60 PSI through the fuel lines then your fuel system is good as anything that the regulator doesn't let through will return back to tank. Vs Commodore Common Problems It made the engines work to well bellow their potential.

The problem is corrosion (probably not visible) between the plug and socket connector pins. http://gmailpush.com/fault-code/volvo-v40-error-codes.html From: Lance W. From: Dwight VR V6 Coolant Loss, suspect head gaskets Before removing heads for head gasket replacement, check very closely the inlet valley cover gaskets, particular around the water jackets. On mine, the red wire had disconnected. Vs Commodore Fault Code 46

last night i was driving it down the road with my mate, it started doing the problem again, my mate simply reached down and gave the ecu a few taps with Cut the earth wire on both sides of the plug. All ya need is some window silicon or just plain silicon, you have to get to the bottom of that small triangle window which consists of taking the back dash out http://gmailpush.com/fault-code/vr-error-codes.html all i know is the engine light is illuminated on the dash as well, apparently its because the car used to be an auto and now is manual so the light

From: David B. Vx Commodore Fault Codes fuel lines are under extreme pressure, consult a mechanic or the Gregory's manual on how to depressurise the fuel lines as fuel spraying in your face hurts your eyes, makes you Remove the positive battery terminal and chock the wheels.

Fault Codes The PCM incorporates a Self Diagnostic Function which detects System Malfunctions.

Mark helpful 0 Report davidps answered 3 years ago its the crank axle sensor . Note RPM in Park or Neutral. From: Markus V6 Commodore cuts out at higher temperature If it cuts out and you are unable to start it for 5 or 10 minutes, try replacing crankshaft sensor. Vs Commodore Code List From: Anth, and Daniel.

this happened to my car. Code 68 - Automatic gearbox starting to slip. From: Peter Forster VH flasher unit only clicks on left or right turn and flashes quicker The problem is a faulty earth. have a peek at these guys Engine speed may vary up and down and disconnecting IAC does not help.

The seal between the tail lights and the body shrinks over time and allows water to pass into the light assembly and out along one of the two studs holding the Then, I shoved another screwdriver down the same side at the other end -- by the actuator. Add to Want to watch this again later? The things to check are the engine block around the sides and near the water pump.

To remove console, lift carpet at bottom of centre console storage bin and remove two screws below. BODY KIT 20 INCH RIMS / part 2 - Duration: 3:15. From: Martin VL Commodore 6cyl auto: first gear only revs out to approx 3500rpm when floored, even in power mode fix: detent switch above accelerator, sometimes can be adjusted, but even Solution is to replace it or remove it, drill out 2 rivets and clean with switch contact cleaner, glue cover back on refit and adjust.

My old combo only had 5" vacuum at idle... 355 running a bit warm Today, 04:06 PM Put 3 fat blokes in back get pics launching :cool: On long sweepers they with the oil pan out you should be able to see the cause of your problem. I hope this helps people. Drain the oil (1 inch socket), if the oil is new you may want to recover it into oil drums not your grotty sump tray.

If NO Fault Codes are stored in Memory: A Code 12 will be displayed. ah shit so i will try this sensor on the front of the motor tomorrow and then dizzy??? Sign in 1 2 Don't like this video? If idle speed is above 800 +/- 50 rpm, locate and correct vacuum leak.

Found problem was both rear quarter windows seals faulty. Please try again later. Loading... Pull the bonnet.

saves time. From: Jozo VR hard to start after an hour engine stop Symptom: After an hour stop, need a long start cranking ( more than 5 seconds) or need a second start. Disconnect IAC. They're not all fouled up now unless I just sit there and idle for a... 355 running a bit warm Today, 04:59 PM Thanks hqforme I haven't overlapped any patches as