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Fault Code Extraction To enter Diagnostic Mode: Join Terminal 5 and Terminal 6 on the Diagnostic Connector. After time, these manifolds work loose from the head, which inturn creates a vacuum leak and therefore eratic idle. Take it straight to a mechanic and preferably towed to avoid further damage to the engine. Insert a screwdriver alternately into the three 'windows' on the sides of the switch and press down towards the base to push the switch out of its shell. check over here

C.Nuggets 2,182 views 8:02 How to Reset the Check Engine, ABS and Airbag Light - Without a Scanner - Duration: 4:27. Then replace the coil packs and you can limp home on 4 cylinders. However, 16 and 82 are obviously still a concern! Now here is the interesting bit.

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From: Mike Cannon Petrol Fumes in Interior of VP Petrol fumes leak into interior of VP commodore when fan is on (especially when set to heating mode). My only other transport (the bike) is off the road at the moment > and I've still got two weeks til pay day, hence money being a serious > issue right All were found to be OK. Copious amonts of black mixture smoke were emitted from the exhaust, particularly at idle and when accelarating from rest.

From: Leon A leaking boot is not always due to a faulty boot lid seal. grab a spanner and drive up and down the road and keep fiddling til its optimum!) generally should gain some healthy performance, and loose the flatspot! Auto Transmission: Not selecting the correct gears, not down-shifting on hills: Oil ingress to the throttle valve switch (via butterfly shaft). Vx Commodore Fault Codes So much for needing complete gearbox replacement.

I hope this helps people. My only other transport (the bike) is off the road at the moment > and I've still got two weeks til pay day, hence money being a serious > issue right Ext User(atec)18-09-2005, 07:33 PMhomeless penguin wrote: > On Sun, 18 Sep 2005 16:00:38 +1000, atec wrote: > > >> Take the box for service and tell them the faults ,

Enough about the modules, looking more into the inner workings of an ALDL Cable, the information obtained from the car is fed directly through the ALDL cables chip and the raw

Don't worry if it sounds like things are breaking, they are, and there isn't much you can do. Vs Commodore Fault Code 46 This is located in the Instrument Cluster. (Formerly referred to as the Check Engine Light) System Malfunctions fall into Two Categories. 1. Advanced Engine Diagnostics serial is included with each cable!Quantity: Price: $70.00 Not sure which cable you need to diagnose your car? Solution: Check the fuel pressure regulator vacuum line for any fuel inside.

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This is also why it is so important to have a high quality ALDL cable to ensure no bad data or corrupt data is picked up! The problem is either a faulty auto trans ECU or just a dry solder on the board. Vr V6 Fault Codes The WD makes an oil film to keep oxygen out. Vs Commodore Common Problems They are referred to as Microlamps 12V 60mA Product Code 272-1092.

Watch QueueQueueWatch QueueQueue Remove allDisconnect Loading... check my blog Forgotten Pass?Recover it! My old combo only had 5" vacuum at idle... 355 running a bit warm Today, 04:06 PM Put 3 fat blokes in back get pics launching :cool: On long sweepers they Loading... Vt Commodore Fault Codes List

Hope this helps. I soldered it back on, and put it back together (using masking tape to seal it again - it won't reseal), and it works perfectly again. Majority of use will be for the first option, scanning for diagnostic trouble codes which can be done using Ultimate Commodore Customiser or engine related codes only by tuner pro And http://gmailpush.com/fault-code/vr-error-codes.html From: Paul T VL Commodore: inherant flatspot on some fix: apart from filling with premium and advancing the timing so much it pings it's ass off, try this: advance the cam

Enter the 4 digit PIN number. Vs V8 Fault Codes The 3.0 litre loves oxygen. Obd2 is the "Generic" name for this communication language.

From: Markus V6 Commodore cuts out at higher temperature If it cuts out and you are unable to start it for 5 or 10 minutes, try replacing crankshaft sensor.

Remove console with heaps of swearing and argueing. From: Dave VN, VP Commodore taillights & Headlights problems If taillights blow, check the wiring loom, a new one may be required. Below is a summarized table of the supported protocols for each Holden Commodore: VR Commodore - ALDL VS Commodore - ALDL VT Commodore - ALDL, OBD2 - V8's only - VPW Vn Commodore Fault Codes OBD2 has a major difference in the interpreting of this data compared to ALDL, its all standardized therefore it is very simple to understand.

From: Mark VP Commodore oil light on when running Soon after degreasing the V6 engine on my VP Commodore the oil pressure light came on and stayed on. So I'm > wondering if maybe the problem is something to do with the > transmission? > > Obviously there is a problem that requires fixing, but if there's any > Clean the remaining crud and your "recently serviced" oil from the pan. http://gmailpush.com/fault-code/vr-v8-error-codes.html Remove climate controls.

Plug in and refit into door handle. From: David B. Switch into Power Mode by pressing switch on t-bar. The fix is to replace the lights ($$$) or clean the mating surfaces and augment the seal with some silastic.

From: Steve If the car has had a rear end accident at some stage the sealer that panelbeaters use may crack with age, all mine needed was a bit of silicone Are these problems >something I can fix myself (I'm more than capable of doing it with >directions) or do I need to take it in to get done? From: Neale, Kylea VP Commodore Automatic not changing into top gear or not changing to top under about 60 kph I took my VP commodore to a Automatic gearbox specialist to Check that the door trim has slid in under the lip on the plastic trim strip at the top of the door trim.

Step 6b. It seems to be running pretty normally overall, except now it clunks when I shift into drive - it's always done that going into reverse, but only started doing it for It's never been a problem in starting the car, it just doesn't always start on the first turn of the key. Shopping CartYour Shopping CartShopping Cart is EmptyNew Items!

One of the most common places for the leak to occur is through the window seals (front as well onto the front floor). Wind the window down as far as it will go. 6. So get a pro to do it for you, as they take out the whole 1/4 panel window and take off the old rubber on it and replace it with a From: Stephen Speed Alert Special Functions on VR II and VS Holding the Speed Up/Speed Down buttons depressed while turning ignition on and starting engine will give you an online digital

Holden relay the indicators through the hazard switch and if it is not used for a length of time the contacts crud up. The return line was disconnected at the engine end, and return fuel collected separately. From: Fernando VH (possibly) and VK 3.3L Carby's flooding If your sitting at the lights and your VH/VK stalls on you and a strong smell of petrol is hanging around, more It made the engines work to well bellow their potential.